Nothing like a cup of 14-hour-old tepid coffee to keep you going at night.

Urban Hiking

People say to me “urban hiking isn’t real hiking. After all, what is there to see aside from cars, lawns, office buildings, panhandlers, and pavement?”

The answer: everything great about a city is revealed when you approach it with the eyes of a hiker, a seeker, an explorer. 

The landscape is layered, and the eyes see the layers they seek. Look one way, and  you see a city of art. Look another, and you see a city of food. Peer at a city through the spectacles of the fourth dimension, and you see a city of history. Focus on the faces, and you see the souls that form the living contours of the city’s geography.

Walk a city, and you have the time to see all of those layers, individually and together. Hike a city, and you become a part of it all, and it invites you in to become a part of the story. 

The danger of traveling and exploring with a DSLR camera is the temptation to focus on capturing the images rather than focus on living the experiences.

I don’t want to live my life through a viewfinder.

Just finished: Rabbi Kushner at the top of his form: erudite, pithy, and provocative.

Achievement Unlocked: Lose 140 lbs.

I had friends, relations, dieticians, and even physicians telling me that without surgery I was doomed to a life of obesity.

I am grateful beyond words that they were all wrong, grateful for the unfailing support of my family, and grateful for the loving help of G-d.


People ask me why I’m blogging my post-career life instead of using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, particularly when I’d get so many more hits on those platforms.

My three top reasons for blogging this:

  1. On a blog, I control the format, and I have so many choices as to how to present each post.
  2. Each post on my blog lives as an independent, linkable, commentable entity that I can use as the basis of an ongoing conversation that I can moderate as I see fit.
  3. Finally – and, perhaps, most important: I have no desire to allow anyone – Mark, Jack, or whoever – to profit off of my content.

Field Notes Summer Subscription

Love these six little designs for a lot of reasons – including their reminders that my bucket list includes strolls on all three trails depicted on their covers.

Naturally, the patch helps, too…

If I owned a locomotive…it would be an EMD SD38-2. I like road-switchers, and this is the classic.

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