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David Wolf

Worked to Live, now Live to Write. Retired public relations executive and applied political scientist. Budding writer. Newbie historian. Scouter. Father. Husband. Jew. American. Terminal bibliophile. Board and RPG gamer. Ferroequinologist. Freemason. Clan MacLaren. Monarchist. Radical centrist.


In 2021, after a 35-year international business and public relations career focused on China, David retired to return to a life spent in scholarship and Scouting. He is a writer and student of history.

A sixth-generation Californian born and raised in Los Angeles, David studied international relations at UC San Diego and UC Davis and global business at Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management. He spent most of his career in Beijing, China, and now lives on the Central Coast of California.


First Impulses, a collection of poetry. Writing complete, currently editing.

Toward a New Conservative Ethos [working title], a monograph on rethinking conservatism for the 21st Century. Drafting.

Marshall’s Airline: The Air Transport Command and the Birth of Strategic Airlift, a unit history. Researching.

Cursing the Darkness, a collection of hot-takes on American politics in the Trump era. Manuscript complete.

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David is available for collaborations and talks worldwide.


Public Relations in China: Building and Defending Your Brand in the PRC (Palgrave, 2015)

Making the Connection: The Peaceful Rise of China’s Telecommunications Giants (WGA, 2012)

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