Aluminum Ornithology

As a plane geek, I love living near Pt. Mugu Naval Air Weapons Station. There’s always something exciting flying around. 

One day a Marine Corps OV-22 Osprey will fly over. Last week, it was an Air Force E-3 Sentry AWACS. Over the past month, I’ve seen a Coast Guard HC-130J, several flights of Navy F/A-18 Hornets, E-2 Hawkeyes, Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphins, and Air National Guard C-130Js.


You know those dirty marks left on a jetliner around the outside of the forward left exit door? I have a new term for them: “gate hickeys.”

Bad idea of the century: taking a corporate jet, extending it 10 feet, cramming it with seats, and selling it as a “regional jet.” RJs are one of the most significant reasons I would rather drive for 6 hours than fly for 1.

What was the best single-aisle jetliner in the world, and why was it the Boeing 757? Discuss.

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