There is More to a Notebook than a Pile of Paper

Back when I was working and had a few coins in my pocket, I subscribed to a service that each month sent me a small package of notebooks of different types, styles, and designs; artist’s pens; and stickers.

Most of these things I would never buy retail: my notebook of choice was a Moleskine, and my pen of choice was a Pilot G-2 with a .038 tip. Had it been up to me, this might have been all I ever used. But having $20 worth of notebooks dumped on my table each month, each in a different format or style, taught me to rethink my writing implements.

It’s not that every person has their preferred notebook format: it is more that every notebook format serves a different purpose. Some notebooks are great for journaling, others for lists, and others for composition. Some composition notebooks are better for prose, others for poetry, and still others for waste books.

The medium is important. Over the coming months, I’ll share a little of what I mean.

For the record, what a company DOES is way more important than what the CEO says. My advice to clients: Act better, Be better, and only then take a stand.

Religion and Politics

Politics is based on compromise. Religion is based on absolutes. Both are essential components of our polity. Where we get into trouble is when we confuse the two – or mix them.

Unpopular Opinion

Now hear this:

Wearing a tee shirt with the logo of a locally-based military unit when one has never served themselves is not a case of “stolen valor.” It is support for the home team.

That is all.

A certain pop star claims that a COVID vaccination caused her cousin’s testicles to swell. Either someone is lying, or my vaccine is is not working.

Artistic solitude is wonderful, but a word of advice: lock the liquor cabinet and throw away the key first. It is a short journey from a solitary writer’s retreat to a booze binge, especially when said retreat takes place in Louisville, KY.

Monday (n): The day of the week when I must remind myself that coffee is not a beverage, but a semi-addictive over-the-counter drug.

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