Retire Different

I first thought I would avoid retirement.

Then I decided to reinvent it.

I am retiring at the still-young age of 57, but I have no intention of checking into G-d’s waiting room. Not for me the gold watch, golf, gin, and grandkids, the retreat to Palm Springs.

For me, this is about swapping my to-do list for my bucket list, while taking up the scholarly life I set aside decades ago.

I want to redefine retirement, build a post-career life that is as or more fulfilling than my working life, and share it with you to, hopefully, serve as a lighthouse for what is possible.

Welcome to my Post-Career Life.

Welcome to A Bucket and a Pen.

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The Unlesson of The Greatest Generation

The problem is less one of forgetting the past and its meaning than of remembering the wrong things about it and drawing the wrong lessons from it. The characterization of “Greatest Generation” is a good example of a myth that, in Walter Lippmann’s phrase, is well meaning but unmeaning. Maury KleinA Call to Arms: Mobilizing…

Quote of the Week: How Nationalism Changed

Nationalism had been, before the war, a claim pressed by minorities against large multiethnic empires, but after Versailles it became a claim that minority groups asserted against one another. – Yehuda Mirsky

Books of 2022: Night Passage

All meat and no pulp make a banal reader, and caviar always tastes better when you’ve reset your palette with a tuna salad sandwich every now and again. I keep a secret stash of self-indulgent and politically-incorrect reads by the likes of W.E.B. Griffin, Craig Johnson, and Robert Parker. These writers and many others like…


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