On the Trail Again

It’s fire season, so I am avoiding all back-country camping for a few months. That said, we have Scouts and Scouters who need to break in backpack gear and get used to our packs.

So we took some of our Scouts out on a shakedown hike to Sycamore Falls in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. It was warm, a couple of our number did not bring enough water, and it was more strenuous wearing masks, but it was a lot of fun and a real confidence-builder for a Troop that has made car camping a habit over the last few years.

I can’t wait to head into the back country in a few months…

Urban Hiking

People say to me “urban hiking isn’t real hiking. After all, what is there to see aside from cars, lawns, office buildings, panhandlers, and pavement?”

The answer: everything great about a city is revealed when you approach it with the eyes of a hiker, a seeker, an explorer. 

The landscape is layered, and the eyes see the layers they seek. Look one way, and  you see a city of art. Look another, and you see a city of food. Peer at a city through the spectacles of the fourth dimension, and you see a city of history. Focus on the faces, and you see the souls that form the living contours of the city’s geography.

Walk a city, and you have the time to see all of those layers, individually and together. Hike a city, and you become a part of it all, and it invites you in to become a part of the story. 

Paint my Heart Haze Grey

Sitting in the passenger seat as my wife drove us across the Coronado Bridge in San Diego yesterday, I saw a sight that stirred the heart: three complete carrier groups in port all at the same time, including at least two of the Zumwalt-class guided missile destroyers.

There were also a bunch of auxiliaries, and what looked like half of the Gator Navy, plus the USS Boxer in dry dock for her upgrades.

What made me happiest was the light in my 19 year-old son’s eyes. He may have been born in China, but he is an American through-and-through. 

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