Books of 2021: Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights for Dummies

When my biggest P.R. client relied on licensing for its most important revenue stream, I figured it might pay to learn a bit about the law behind their business. Laughable, perhaps, both because a P.R. person was bothering to actually study the law and because this Dummies volume isn’t exactly Goldstein and Reese’s. The effort was worth it nonetheless: while I thought I understood enough about intellectual property law to get by, I discovered that I did not, and I gleaned enough tidbits from this book to be able to speak to the company’s attorneys like something more than a high-functioning cretin.

For the record, what a company DOES is way more important than what the CEO says. My advice to clients: Act better, Be better, and only then take a stand.

Delightful Cheat Lunch

I am still learning about life at my relatively advanced age, and I have learned more about food in the last three years than I had in most of my life prior.

My lesson today was this: there are meals with memorable food; there are meals with memorable company; and there are those rare and precious occasions when both come together. Today was one of the latter. Those occasions are rare, and are exactly the times when one should go off-plan.

Three veterans of China technology public relations sitting around a table in California and reflecting with gratitude and humility on the amazing era of change that we lived through was every bit as fulfilling as the remarkable dishes we enjoyed. Thank you, Yuling, for giving Sunny and I an excuse to come into town!

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